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2018 / trash found on busy streets + silver gelatin + meditation

Are the chaotic situations worldwide manifestations of the human's inner state of mind? Have we lost the sense of interconnectedness with the whole existence around us due to a fragmented attention? Could it be that instead of more technological, economical ‘progress’ - a pause is what we need? Can we stop and do nothing to revision our trajectory regarding global environmental & invironmental issues?

Introducing - a tool for passive resistance. The low-tech-selfie-camera-obscura is made out of trash found in busy, crowded public places. These cameras are used to make photography in the same place the materials were found. The necessary long exposure time, not only challenges to stand in complete stillness for several minutes but also will render a tuned image of reality, where all the busy people, running side to side are turned invisible; pointing to the emptiness of our consumer society. Like a mandala or totem, the user gazes at the camera for the full exposure time in order to reach a focused state of attention, as one may experience during meditation.

The project is proposing a halt, a moment to stop, reflect, maybe to do nothing in response to the overabundance of information, trash and speed.

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